Be a Linkedin Ninja

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To be a true #BLNation Ninja you must master weapons large and small. Their effectiveness lies not in their size but in your skill.

#BLNation ninja

The Shuriken

Shuriken - Throwing Star

#BLNation Ninjas approach Linkedin with the Shuriken method. Shuriken literally means the sword hidden in the hand. You may know them as throwing stars. Shurikenjutsu is the art of using the Shuriken in battle. On Linkedin, it is the art of gathering your stars and firing them with pinpoint accuracy to build you network and presence.

 Stage 1: Gather Your Shuriken

  •  Claim your vanity URL. This helps to direct people to your profile quicker, and faster. (i.e.
  • Add applications. Go here: Apps Directory to browse the applications available to use on your profile. We suggest Slideshare, or Blog Link to display articles from your blog.
  •  Stay up to date on “Network Statuses” On your Linkedin homepage there is a newsfeed that displays what your connections are sharing and whom they’ve connected with in the recent weeks. It’s a great tool to keep you in the loop.

Stage 2: Sharpen Your Shuriken

  • Paparazzi time. Upload a clean and focused profile picture
  • Get found. Search engine optimize your profile. Use industry keywords that will help the right people find you.
  • Use “Who’s Viewed My Profile” – check this often and you’ll be able to connect or reach out to people who’s viewed your profile. To activate this setting go into your settings click “See what others see when you’ve viewed their profile.”

Stage 3: Find Your Target & Take Dead Aim

  • Use advanced searches. Use keywords or companies name to find out if you’re connected with them through your connections either 1st or 2nd degree. This will help you a ton of time looking to connect with the person you need too.
  • Make friends. Share questions or answers on other people’s group or status updates. They’ll appreciate it when you make a genuine comment and will most likely warm up to connecting with you in person.
  • Use Linkedin Today. This feature showcases some of the top news or popular stories shared on Linkedin. It will keep you up to date.


  • Use LinkedIn’s brand new group polls feature: LinkedIn recently rolled out a new group poll feature. You should already belong to several local and industry groups, so be sure to answer and offer polls of your own to stay active in these groups! Check out Hubspot’s guide to group polls.

Now you’re on your way to becoming a #BLNation Ninja.

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