Are You Prepared To Deal With Negative Social Media?

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I’m not certain that many advisors are receiving negative tweets and comments, but it can happen to anyone. All it takes is one controversial blog post, one pissed off client, or even an unfortunate auto-correct for people to take their complaints public. Do you have a plan should something like that happen to you? You don’t have to defend yourself, you don’t have to apologize, in fact, you don’t have to respond at all. But you do need to think critically about your choice, and how it will affect your brand.

Take Carl Richards for example. His controversial blog post got him a lot of hate mail, and he merely mentioned in passing the fact that it was controversial in a follow-up post. Why? Because what he said wasn’t a “slip” – it was just how he felt. On the other hand, there was an interesting example of a local company here in Boston, Boloco, who made a Twitter slip a few months ago. In their case, the CEO, John Pepper, personally apologized to nearly every person who Tweeted him about the subject, and their reputation, as far as I am concerned, went unscathed. Nevertheless, how you deal with negative social media is something to think about and be prepared for. Here’s an infographic on how companies have responded in the past:

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