Katie Stokes Chats About Virtual Client Service


Katie Stokes, financial analyst for Core Advisors, recently sat down with us for a chat about virtual client services and how to implement them. Due to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many business are switching to digital/virtual services to assist customers and clients with the high-quality service they deserve. Here’s what Katie had to say on the [...]

Communicating your value to clients in a down market


Suggested email template This email assumes your client is in a properly diversified portfolio and that you replace the content in the [brackets] We did have our friends in compliance review this. However, your compliance team should review before you send. For each client you’ll need to choose:[time frame and index for performance] – We [...]

Deciding what to automate is as simple as 1 2 3.


Personal automation doesn’t always give you more free time. You need to be intentional in deciding what to automate to avoid creating more work. To start thinking critically about automation, ask yourself these simple questions: Does the task require your personal attention to get done?Does the task consume lots of time?Can you avoid too much [...]

Automate Your Daily Routines


The most successful businesses outsource or automate everything possible so they can spend time where it creates the most value for them. As wealth managers, we all know this intuitively yet we still do things by hand that could be automated. Often it’s because we just don’t know how to automate the task. We’re here [...]

Think your clients aren’t tech savvy? Think again…


“My clients aren’t tech savvy.” Many advisors throw around the claim “My clients aren’t tech savvy” as if they know what they’re talking about. If you find yourself saying this, know that you’re making an assumption. It’s not based on facts. Regardless of how confident you feel or how much you think you know your [...]

Defeating The Silent Advisor Killer


Is this viewpoint nuts? Some time ago, I wrote about the Silent Advisor Killer – Cost of Acquiring Clients (CAC). In the discussion that followed, there were a number of advisors that disagreed with worrying about the relationship between CAC and the first year margin (FYM) earned from a client. An argument against the importance [...]