8 Articles You Better Not Miss from Summer 2014

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i-know-what-you-did-last-summerIt’s been a busy summer.

I know what you did last summer…. And I know what you DIDN’T DO this summer.

You’ve been in and out of the office. Maybe you took a nice vacation with the family.

But business is about to ramp up again.

Here’s a roundup of the Top Articles posted to The Blueleaf Blog over the past 3 months — just in case you missed any.

News from the Industry

CLIENTS 50 BLOGWhy Clients Aged 50+ are Firing Their Advisor
What is causing these clients to stray? It’s time to face the facts…


Facing Software Innovation

FINANCIAL SOFTWARE BLOGFinancial Planner Falls in Love with Counterintuitive Software Feature, Believes “Don’t Knock It ‘til You Try it”

New software can be “exactly what you’ve been waiting for” and change your business for the better. But this is NOT how Katie’s story started. But then things changed…


Marketing Management

TWITTER BLOGHere’s what the financial industry REALLY thinks about Twitter…
The financial industry loves to talk about Twitter – but the opinions of REAL users have been hard to find. Until we rounded up the opinions of 281 Twitter users in our industry…

Practice Management

CHOOSE THE BEST ADVISOR BLOGAdvice Prospects Get About Choosing “The Best Advisor” and What You Need to Know
You did your research…But so did they. We’ve compiled some of the most common advice people receive when they start shopping for a financial advisor.


EMAILS ClOG BLOG5 Types of Emails that are Clogging Your Inbox
With hundreds of messages sitting in your inbox, it’s impossible to find the information you need at the moment you need it. How can you get your inbox as clean and efficient as possible?



Scariest. Client Email. Ever.
You get an email. And suddenly your business is at risk…What do you do?


Client Engagement

CROSS COUNTRY BLOGHow I Announced a Move Across the Country With Only Positive Feedback from Clients

Five years ago, what we’re about to attempt would be virtually impossible. Now, it will be possible.


ELI5Explain Like I’m Six: Account Aggregation
You’ve invested in account aggregation, but how do you begin to explain it to your clients? We have a strategy: Explain it like they’re six.

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