4 Advisors Who Rocked Twitter Last Week with Headlines

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Tweeting is actually a valuable skill

On-demand is here to stay. We see it everywhere: on-demand entertainment, news, and client reporting. It’s available in all aspects of communication and clients are now expecting it from their financial advisor. This is a good thing, though. The tools that have been born from our growing need for on-demand information actually enable you to run a more efficient, scalable advisory business.

Twitter is a huge player. Some would argue it revolutionized the way we share information online. If you’re not on Twitter, you ought to sign up today. Twitter is a simple, quick, fun, and free way to grow your network, establish expertise, and attract new clients. You don’t need a plan or strategy at first, you just need to start tweeting. If you are on Twitter, take some time to learn about best practices that you may not be using effectively & give them a try. Delivering helpful, targeted, concise information is a valuable skill that’s worth refining.

Here are my 4 favorite tweets by advisors from this week, and why they rocked.

Category: Headlines


Michael tweeted this headline to his 985 followers:

michael tweet

Why the TWEET rocks:

  • Short in length, easily skimmed in my twitter feed
  • Targets a specific audience: single parents
  • Sends people to his own blog post

Why the CONTENT rocks:

  • Opens with a genuine story to connect with readers
  • Empathizes with target audience, demonstrating he understands their unique challenges
    * Incredibly important in all of your marketing! Learn about this fundamental rule.
  • Ends with a strong CTA (call to action) for people to engage with him to get more free help


Rick tweeted this headline to his 2,742 followers:

rick tweet

Why the TWEET rocks:

  • “Must-Know” creates a sense of urgency to click and find out
  • Targets a specific audience: 30-year-olds
  • Looking at the branded link, I assume Rick shared this directly from Zite’s site. Sharing articles you read is a quick and easy way to post interesting content to your social media profiles. Click here to Tweet this one!

Why the CONTENT rocks:

  • It’s a helpful list. People love lists.  …Excuse me while I continue to write this list.
  • He didn’t need to write it. Original content is awesome, but sharing other site’s content also helps you develop expertise
  • Includes links to other helpful articles for continued browsing


Eleanor tweeted this headline to her 2,659 followers:

eleanor tweet

Why the TWEET rocks:

  • Promises to deliver comfort and reduce our stress
  • Uses the 3rd person ‘you’ which is said to increase click thrus
  • bit.ly link shortener gives Eleanor stats on how many people engage with her tweets

Why the CONTENT rocks:

  • Timely topic that’s of high interest to her audience
  • Includes direct quotes from credible sources
  • Article is meaty – provides background, moves into current worries, then talks about future


George tweeted this headline to his 2,834 followers:

feeonlyplanner tweet

Why the TWEET rocks:

  • Uh, incredibly intriguing. Unless you’re, for some reason, not interested in adding $1mil to retirement
  • ‘How’ implies the article will demonstrate feasibility. Again, intriguing
  • Bold claims can seem spammy, yes, but George noted its credible source

Why the CONTENT rocks:

  • Clients & prospects would love to see he’s reading articles like this
  • The piece walks through math and logic to demonstrate it’s actually possible
  • Written by a retirement thought-leader with links to read more from him

In the comments, let’s discuss:

  1. Which of these 4 tweets would YOU be inclined to click? Why?
  2. How often do you tweet out the articles you read?
  3. What tweet format do you find is most engaging to your audience?
  4. Need help with Twitter stuff? Happy to help.

*Follower counts are as of 23 Aug 2013.

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