22 Things Financial Advisors Can Be Thankful For

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superTis the season for giving thanks – and financial advisors typically have a lot to be thankful for.

When asked, most advisors say they’re thankful for “my clients” or “a great year”, but I challenge you to dig a bit deeper. A lot goes on in financial advisory business throughout the year, and some of it’s pretty awesome. To demonstrate, we came up with a list.

Financial Advisors Can Be Thankful For…

1. Of course, growth.

2. Bull markets.

3. Clients who understand reaching their goals takes time.

4. Finally getting to the end of your inbox.

5. CSRs who answer the phone.

6. Clients who send referrals.

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7. Sending a referral and actually getting one in return.

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8. That awesome trade you made 6 months ago.

9. Your website’s design refresh.

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10. Surviving busy season.

11. Colleagues who cheer you on.

12. Clients who are generous with their season tickets.

13. Software that makes you look good to clients.

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14. Coffee. Lots of coffee.

15. An awesome office assistant.

16. The client who brought assets over to you by surprise.

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17. Meeting your fiduciary duty – and knowing what that even means.

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18. Winning the office March Madness pool. Every year.

19. Going paperless in your office.

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20. Holding meetings on the golf course. And how that’s normal.

21. A chance at early retirement.

22. And, of course, pie.

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What else are you thankful for?

Add your own #23 to the comments below.

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