10 Websites Advisors Should Follow and Why

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Here at Blueleaf, we regularly follow various websites, blogs and Twitter accounts. There’s an enormous amount of information on the web, though, and bouncing around from site to site, blog to blog can be both confusing and time consuming. To solve this, we use an RSS feed to collect multiple resources in one place (What is an RSS feed?). Today, we suggest you do the same.

First, if you haven’t already, choose an RSS Reader that you like (such as Google Reader). Next, subscribe to a website’s “feed” to see their articles in your RSS Reader. Below we’ve listed a few recommendations to help you get started. These 10 sources span a mixed list of topics so it’s a great place to start. Follow these sites and market news (including personal investment, new products, regulations that may affect your portfolio, and more) will come to you.


1) Seeking Alpha – Gives perpetual updates on individual stocks, sectors, and macroeconomic news. Website contains tab on Investing Ideas.

2) The Baseline Scenario – International and government news. Covers financial reform and news on major banks. @baselinescene

3) Five Cent Nickel – Gives specific personal finance advice, not just the general stuff. @fcn

4) Get Rich Slowly – We like Get Rich Slowly because it gives advice that is personal, specific, and can appeal to both the low budget and the high budget folk. It posts advice on how to save money, but also how to think about investing on a long-term basis. Its focus on consumer psychology, at times humorous,  makes it an enjoyable read compared to more complex articles.

5) CNN Money – Can’t leave out a traditional news site from the list, can you? If you are going to choose one other than the Wall Street Journal, choose CNN Money. @CNNMoney

6) Felix Salmon –  Written by blogging editor of Reuters, this blog highlights interesting mainstream financial news and often gives a nuanced take on the information. Articles are Economist-type. Daily “Counterparties” post is a very useful roundup of interesting links for the day. @felixsalmon

7) I Will Teach You to Be Rich – Stories and articles are pithy and  counterintuitive. Posts are relatively infrequent, but a treat to read every few days.

8) The Motley Fool – The top stocks and how to think about them. Info and stories can be extrapolated beyond the stocks directly mentioned. @themotleyfool

9) Think Your Way to Wealth – Operates on the premise that the more you know, the better financial decisions you will make day to day. We agree. Think You Way To Wealth offers great advice for when you are in the hole (credit card debt, medical debt, etc.) and how to avoid falling into it.

10) Consumerism Commentary – Useful particularly for highlighting new services offered in the financial services industry. @flexo


What would YOU add to this list?

Share your go-to websites in the comments below!


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